Real-time Incremental Segmentation on Dense SLAM (2015)

We provide a pre-compiled library (Visualstudio and GCC) with the implementation of the framework concerning our incremental segmentation on dense SLAM.


MSD keypoint detector (2015)

This standalone project includes the C++ code of the Maximal Self-Dissimilarity keypoint detector. The project can be compiled with Cmake and is released under the GNU GPL 3.0 license. The only required dependency is OpenCV (>= v3.0).


BOLD descriptor (2014)

A pre-compiled library (32/64bit, VS10) with the implementation of the BOLD descriptor for texture-less object detection is currently available. The library also includes the whole detection pipeline proposed in our paper.


SHOT descriptor (2011)

The source code of an implementation of the SHOT 3D keypoint descriptor is currently available. Please refer to this page for more information.


Pattern Matching algorithms (2011)

Source code of the pattern matching algorithms included in the evaluation proposed in:

“W. Ouyang, F. Tombari, S. Mattoccia, L. Di Stefano, W.K. Cham, “Performance Evaluation of Full Search Equivalent Pattern Matching Algorithms “, TPAMI (in print)


JCVLAB: a video Surveillance tool (2009)

This software, dubbed JCVLAB, is a practical and freely downloadable tool to perform motion detect with a webcam. It can be used for simple video-surveillance operations such as monitoring an indoor room. There are several functionalities allowing different operations to be performed, such as scheduling the operating hours of the software and selecting the sensitivity of the detection.

DISCLAIMER: the software still needs beta-testing: I will be grateful if you could try the software and give me some feedback.


Show Support (2008)

We developed an application aimed at analysing the performance of variable support-based algorithms for stereo correspondence. This software shows the aspect of the extracted supports on the popular Middlebury dataset.


Robust change detection (2007)

Implementation of an algorithm that performs change detection robust to sudden illumination changes.