Improving the accuracy of fast dense stereo correspondence algorithms by enforcing local consistency of disparity fields (3DPVT 2010)

S. Mattoccia, "Improving the accuracy of fast dense stereo correspondence algorithms by enforcing local consistency of disparity fields", 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission (3DPVT2010), May 17-20, 2010, Paris, France [Pdf] [Supplementay_material] [Bibtex] [Additional experimental results]
This method relies on the Locally Consistent technique [1] (see here for details) and the initial disparity hypotheses provided by fast dense stereo algorithms (tested with C-Semiglobal [6] and RealTimeGPU [7]).

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If you are interested in stereo vision, you might find interesting this:

    Stefano Mattoccia
    "Stereo vision: algorithms and applications"
    Extended version of the talk given at the University of Twente, April 1st 2009

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Stefano Mattoccia, email: smatt AT ieee DOT org


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