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- February - 3 papers (1 oral!) accepted to CVPR 2019!
- February - Our tutorial on "Learning-based depth estimation from stereo and monocular images: successes, limitations and future challenges" will land at CVPR 2019!
- January - We got 1 DATE paper accepted!
- December - I will run a PhD course, "Learning-based dense depth estimation from stereo and monocular images", in January
- November - It's my great pleasure to serve as reviewer for CVPR 2019!
- September - We got 1 IROS, 1 ECCV, 1 3DV and 1 ACCV papers accepted!
- August - I received an honorable mention at CVPL 2018 for presenting my PhD Thesis "Machine learning techniques applied to stereo vision".
- July - I will run a full-day tutorial at 3DV 2018, info and schedules here. This is a joint work with Fabio, Konstantinos Batsos, Philippos Mordohai and Stefano.
- April - I was acknowledged as Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2018!
- April - I defended my PhD thesis "Machine learning techniques applied to stereo vision". Thanks to Torsten Sattler and Philippos Mordohai for their reviews and precious comments!
- March - I am part of the program commitee of the 14th IEEE Embedded Vision Workshop (EVW 2018), held in conjunction with CVPR 2018!
- November - It's my great pleasure to serve as reviewer for CVPR 2018!
- August - In the last 5 months I've been a visiting PhD student at CVG Lab, ETH Zurich. Thanks to Torsten Sattler, Andreas Geiger and Marc Pollefeys for hosting me!
- July - 1 CVPR, 1 BMVC and 2 ICCV (1 spotlight) papers accepted this year!
- July - I gave a talk at MPI in Tübingen, Germany, about my research activities (here the presentation). Thanks to Andreas Geiger and Yiyi Liao for this great opportunity!
- September - One BMVC and two 3DV papers accepted this year!

Short bio

I received my Bachelor degree in 2012 ("Porting di software e sviluppo di una interfaccia grafica multipiattaforma per telecamera stereo real-time", advisor: Prof. Giovanni Neri, summa cum laude), my Master degree in 2014 ("Improvements to a fast algorithm for accurate stereo matching", advisor: Prof. Stefano Mattoccia, summa cum laude) and my PhD in 2018 ("Machine learning techniques for stereo vision", Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Mattoccia) at Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna. In 2014, I had an internship at Aquifi, Palo Alto (CA), under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Manduchi. In 2017, I was a visiting PhD student at CVG Lab, ETH Zurich, under the supervision of Dr. Torsten Sattler and Prof. Andreas Geiger. I regularly serve as a reviewer for top-tier conferences (CVPR, ICCV, etc.)
Currently, I'm a Post-Doc at Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) and tutor of Calcolatori Elettronici T (laurea triennale in Ingegneria Informatica, Bologna).

Research interests

3D sensing and applications, embedded vision, machine learning, deep learning

My team

Prof. Stefano Mattoccia
Fabio Tosi (PhD student)
Filippo Aleotti (PhD student)

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